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Graduate Student Guides

English as a Second Language Support

Writing in English when it is not your first language can present specific challenges. The McMaster English Language Development Office offers services to help students whose first language is not English succeed in an English-language environment. 

The McMaster Office for the Development of English Language Learners (MODEL) is a free service open to graduate and undergraduate students. You can read about the workshops, one-on-one support, and language assessment that they offer here

Workshops focus on listening, speech, reading, and writing, as well as acculturation and academic skills. The writing workshops cover topics that include academic integrity, paraphrasing and quoting, punctuation and sentence structure, revising and editing, and more. Request an appointment here, or register for a workshop on OSCARplus

The English Language Development Office also offers an intensive certificate program for graduate students, McMaster English Readiness for Graduate Excellence (MERGE). More information about this program, including admission requirements and tuition fees, can be found here

Improve your writing and study skills! Book an appointment with a writing advisor and/or academic coach on OSCARplus.  Questions? Email


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