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Graduate Student Guides

Who Do I Ask For Help?

Supervisors, the Library, and the Writing Centre each have many useful resources for graduate students. Use this guide to know who to go to for help with different academic concerns. 

Go to your Supervisor for…

  • Help with setting deadlines and developing research plans and goals
  • Questions about disciplinary-specific content
    • Example: Interpreting the results of a survey for your research
  • Concerns about time management, productivity, and the type of supervision needed
    • Example: Frequency of meetings or email check-ins
  • Questions about publication and conference opportunities

Note: Go to the academic head of your graduate program with any concerns about supervision.

Go to the Library for…

  • Help navigating research databases and the library catalogue
    • Use the “Ask a Librarian” service for assistance through online chat
  • A one-on-one, synchronous research consultation with the Graduate Studies Librarian, Leeanne Romane.
  • Information on evaluating and citing sources
  • Questions about available digital scholarship services, including project consultations

Go to the Writing Centre for…

  • A one-on-one appointment with a writing advisor, who can:
    • Help you improve your writing skills, especially the effective expression and communication of ideas
    • Offer constructive feedback at any stage of the writing process
  • Group study sessions
  • Workshops to improve specific academic skills

Note: The Writing Centre is not an editing service, but helps you develop skills you can apply to all of your written work. 


Graduate students can get research support from the Graduate Studies Librarian, Leeanne Romane, by booking a research consultation here. Improve your writing and study skills! Book an appointment with a writing advisor and/or academic coach on OSCARplus.  Questions? Email


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