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How Do I Find PESTEL Resources?

Sources for conducting PESTEL analysis

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Best Bet! Best Bet!
Key source.

open accessOpen Access
Online source accessible to everyone, anywhere. 

McMaster Users OnlyMcMaster Users Only
Online source accessible to current McMaster students, faculty and staff only. required.


What is the political situation, and how can it affect the industry? These factors determine if, and to what extent, a government may influence the economy or a particular industry. Political factors include tax policies, fiscal policy, trade tariffs, energy and other policies and processes. These government activities may impact overall or industry-specific outcomes.

‚Äčopen accessCanadian Megatrends (Statistics Canada)
Explores some of the changes that have had a lasting impact on Canadian society and economy.


Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyConference Board of Canada inFact (formerly e-Library)
Contains Canadian, provincial and metropolitan data and analysis. Reports include economic indicators such as employment, income, industry outlook, housing starts, migration and more.

McMaster Users OnlyEIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) 
Provides access to current economic data and commentary on countries around the world. Select Country Reports > Canada for monthly reports containing economic data and political analysis for the country. Use the Advanced Search to find content on Canada or use the drop-down Country home pages menu and select Canada.


McMaster Users OnlyIBISWorld
Provides access to U.S., Canadian, Ontario and global industry market research reports. Search for industries by keyword(s) or browse a list of industries defined according to the five digit NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) level. Chapters worth considering are Operating Conditions (subsections Regulation & Policy, and Industry Assistance) and Industry Performance.


McMaster Users OnlyPassport
Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide.


open accessSEDAR
SEDAR is the electronic filing system for the disclosure of documents of publicly traded companies and investment funds across Canada. 
Search the public company's annual information form, company annual reports, and management discussion and analysis communications. The PESTEL acronym may not be mentioned directly, but risk factors and elements may be discussed.


McMaster Users OnlyStatista
Contains over one million statistics on thousands of topics from over 18,000 sources. Includes market forecasts, dossiers, industry reports, infographics, and market outlooks for countries worldwide, including Canada.


Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyViewsWire 
Select Canada from the Geographies menu. Click on Politics, Economy, Geopolitics from the Insights menu.

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