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Business Data and Statistics

Business Statistics Sources


  • Canadian Industry Statistics (CIS): Access industry data on many economic indicators using the most recent data from Statistics Canada. CIS looks at industry trends and financial information, such as GDP, Labor Productivity, Manufacturing, and Trade Data.

  • Agriculture and Agri-food research and statistics: Find statistics to monitor the agriculture, aquaculture and agri-food industries.

  • Construction: Find statistics that will allow you to keep up with developments in the construction industry.

  • Culture and leisure: Find statistics for monitoring the culture and leisure-related industries.

  • Energy: Find statistics and analysis on reserves, capacity, production, and consumption of traditional and alternative energy sources.

  • Information and communications technology: Learn how ICT is used, and gain insight into the evolution and performance of the industry.

  • Manufacturing: Find statistics and analysis for a number of industries within the manufacturing sector.

  • Natural resources: Find information and statistics on Canada's use of natural resources and how that usage affects the Canadian economy.

  • Retail and wholesale: Get financial performance data on the retail and wholesale trade sectors, as well as information on their structure and characteristics.

  • Science and technology: Find statistics on research and development, innovation, technology use, and the performance of the information and communications technologies sector.

  • Transportation: Find financial statistics and other resources related to the movement of people and goods using various modes of transportation.

  • Travel and tourism: Find current tourism statistics, trends, and outlooks, as well as research on the factors affecting tourism.

Official Economic Indicators

Quickly obtain the most recent data available for key economic indicators and assess the current state of the Canadian economy.

Reports and Analysis

Read published reports that offer more detailed data and analysis for particular aspects of the Canadian economy.

Small Business Statistics

Browse statistics and reports that are focused on the activities of small and medium-sized businesses.

Business Performance and Ownership

Assess the performance of your business, and get statistics and analysis relating to how businesses respond to taxation, regulation, business cycles, competition and more.

Financial Performance Data: View financial data based on industry averages, with an option to include your own income statement and balance sheet information in the report.


Get statistics on price movements on consumer goods, industrial products, construction, agriculture, machinery and equipment, education, services and imports/exports.

Prices and price indexes: Find information on price changes for a number of products and services as they affect the Consumer Price Index.

Discover new markets for your products and services by studying market research reports which are organized by country and by industry sector.

Market research reports

Find information on particular markets for your goods and services, as well as information on the general socio-economic conditions in foreign countries.

Ontario Trade Fact Sheets: Use this online service to quickly generate an overview of Ontario's trade with specific countries or states.

Export information by country: Get market and export information. While directed at US businesses, many reports are accessible and could provide insights into foreign markets.

Country information - Export Development Canada: Find profiles of foreign countries, as well as information on EDC resources available for each country.

Market reports - Canadian Trade Commissioner: Access key market intelligence by industry and by region and discover new global market opportunities. Registration is required.

Country insights: Get cultural, demographic, and political information on countries with whom you would like to conduct business.

World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency: Get comprehensive intelligence on the geography, people, government, economy and infrastructure of the countries of the world.

Trade Data Online: Generate customized reports on Canadian and United States trade in goods with over 200 countries.

Canadian agriculture and food statistics and market information: Find agri-food foreign market reports and statistics, organized by product and region.

General international statistics

Find comparable statistics from a number of countries, made available by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and others.

US Economy at a Glance: Get an up-to-date picture of the U.S. economy using data produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

OECD.Stat: Get information on a wide variety of socio-economic themes for the OECD and select non-member countries.

OECD Factbook: Get statistics from OECD member countries for various economic, environmental and social indicators.

OECD iLibrary: Browse the online library to find reports, statistics, projections and other information on a number of socio-economic themes.

UNSD Statistical Databases: Access a wide variety of global statistics provided by the United Nations.

UNdata: Access a wide variety of global statistics provided by the United Nations.

IMF Data and Statistics: Browse financial statistics and resources, including the World Economic Outlook databases and the Global Financial Stability Report.

World Bank Data and Research: Browse key national and international statistics and research publications, and view analyses of global trends and future prospects.

Fedstats: Access official United States government statistics covering over 400 different topics.

Euro Indicators: Browse the latest European economic indicators or search for statistics in Eurostat's latest publications and datasets.

US Economic Indicators: Get a snapshot of the most recent economic indicators published by the U.S. Census Bureau, including data on trade, manufacturing, spending, and housing.

Find Canadian and foreign trade statistics and other data on international trade. You can use this information to help you identify opportunities to export your goods and services abroad or to replace goods and services that are currently imported into Canada.

Canadian Trade Data

Find tables, graphs, and reports on Canada's trade with the world.

Trade Data Online: Generate customized reports on Canadian and United States trade in goods with over 200 countries.

International Trade Statistics: Access statistics on Canada's international trade activities, including the import and export of goods and services.

Canadian Importers Database: Find out which companies are importing goods into Canada by product, by city and by country of origin.

Trade Investment and Economic Statistics: Get key economic indicators, the balance of payments data, customs-based data and foreign direct investment statistics.

Asia-Pacific Statistical Reports: Find trade statistics between Canada and several Asian and South Pacific countries.

Canadian Agriculture & Food statistics and Market Information: Find agri-food foreign market reports and statistics, organized by product and region.

Global Trade Data

Find official trade statistics for foreign countries.

Market Analysis Tools: Access these powerful tools to track global trade and international markets and to help you in your market analyses. Registration is required.

US Foreign Trade Statistics: Get highlights, as well as detailed current and historical data for trade between the United States and its trading partners.

UN Comtrade Database: Get access to official international merchandise trade statistics, provided to the United Nations by official national statistical agencies.

Balance-of-payments Data

Find trade data on a balance-of-payments basis as well as data on direct investment and other elements of the current account.

Balance-of-Payments: Get data on direct investments and on the trade of goods and services between Canada and its trading partners.

Services to facilitate trade

Identify new markets, get business leads and spot potential roadblocks to growing your business internationally.

Technical barriers to trade: If you are considering an export opportunity, identify potential trade barriers before pursuing the market.

Importing: Learn about importing commercial goods into Canada.

Exporting: Grow your business by selling your products and services abroad.

Foreign Trade Zone: These officially designated areas offer tariff and tax exemptions on the purchase or importation of raw materials, components or finished goods.

Find statistics and analysis on the labour force, employment issues (such as hours worked, number of employees and payrolls) and income. Learn more about various surveys conducted by Statistics Canada on this topic and access the data. You will also find internationally comparable data available from the International Labour Office.

General Labour Statistics

Access local, national and international labour and wage statistics.

Tourism industry - Labour Market Infomation: Find information on the tourism industry including a number of people employed, salaries, labour shortages, certification, and human resource trends.

New Brunswick labour market information: Find monthly labour market information, surveys, community profiles, market trends, and more.

Labour related statistics from Statistics Canada: Browse Statistics Canada resources on the labour market activities of the Canadian population.

Labour statistics from Census 2016: Get labour data based on information collected in the 2016 Census.

Job Market Trends and News: Find information on local wage rates, and on regional hiring news and events to help you understand the trends in your area.

ILOSTAT - International Labour Statistics Database: Access and compare international labour data for over 200 countries or territories.

Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Information: Find information and statistics about provincial and regional labour market trends, labour force updates, and labour market forecasts.

Employment, Payroll and Hours

Use these statistics to get detailed information on the total number of paid employees in Canada, the company payrolls and the number of hours worked, sorted by industry, province, and territory.

Data tables on the survey of employment, earnings and hours worked: Create customized statistical reports using data from Statistics Canada on employment, earnings and hours worked.

Labour and Income

Get information on the number of Canadians who are employed, the types of jobs they have and what their salaries are, compared to what they were in the past. This information can help you to choose your market and price your goods or services to suit your customers.

Canadian Income Survey: Gain insight into the income and income sources of Canadians, including their individual and household characteristics.

Find official statistics on a number of population characteristics, organized by topic. Demographic data can help you understand who your customers are, where they are located and what their needs and wants are.

Statistics Canada's Directory of Statistics

Statistics Canada offers information and analysis on a number of topics relating to demographic characteristics. By examining the data offered under these topics, you can gain insight into the customers and markets you serve.

Society and Community: Browse Statistics Canada information resources on society and community, organized by subtopics such as equity, religion and rural trends.

Seniors - Statistics: Browse Statistics Canada resources on the characteristics of seniors, organized by subtopics such as care, health, income, and retirement.

Population and Demography: Browse Statistics Canada data and studies on populations, as well as their growth factors (births, deaths, and migrations).

Languages: Browse data on the language composition of Canada, including information on English, French, Aboriginal, and other language groups.

Income, pensions, spending and wealth: Browse statistical resources on income, pensions, spending and wealth, organized by topics such as debts, spending, savings, and retirement income.

Children and Youth: Browse statistical resources related to infants, children, teens, adolescents, students and young adults.

Census of Population

The Census of Population provides a statistical portrait of Canada and its people.

Data Products - Your guide to statistical information from the Census: Browse statistical information about the population, households, dwellings and families as measured in the latest census in Canada.

Census Data Visualization: Interactive data products assist in the interpretation of Census data by putting it in a visual context.

International Demographic Statistics

Find official demographic statistics published by international organizations.

UN Demographic Yearbook: Find international demographic statistics organized by topics such as population size and gender, births, deaths, marriage, and divorce.

Regional Demographic Statistics

You could find demographic statistics provided by provincial, territorial and regional government agencies.

Alberta Statistics and Publications: Find publications, statistics, and reports published by Alberta Economic Development and Trade, and links to resources to help you trade and invest.

Databank of official statistics on Quebec: Consult statistics compiled by a number of Quebec departments and agencies on the various facets of the society of Quebec.

Saskatoon neighborhood profiles: Get detailed demographic data for each Saskatoon neighborhood to help support your market research.

Economic Development Winnipeg Inc.: Thinking of establishing your business in Winnipeg? Find industry profiles, market research, and support in site selection.

Ministry of Health - Covered Population Report: Find Saskatchewan demographic information based on persons who are registered for health insurance benefits.

Regina neighborhood profiles: View profiles of Regina neighborhoods for a quick source of detailed information on population, income, family characteristics and more.

Alberta Community Profiles: View profiles of Alberta communities featuring the economy's most important indicators for businesses.

Industrial Land Site Locator: If you are an Edmonton entrepreneur, use this website to get information on available land, demographics, labor force and business statistics.

Alberta Labor Market Information: If you are an entrepreneur, you can use this website to get information on demographics, labor force and shortages, salaries and wages.

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