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EMBA Research Guide

EMBA Research Tools: Business Databases

Jeannie An

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Jeannie An
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Databases ...

Databases ...

  • are searchable collections of information
  • are often referred to as research databases or library databases, particularly in an academic context 
  • are usually fee-based subscription resources licensed by libraries (and other organizations)
  • are accessible for free (with authorization) to users affiliated with the subscribing institution 
    • current McMaster students, faculty and staff require a valid MacID to access databases on and off-campus
  • are subject to specific conditions of use outlined in license agreements
  • usually contain content unavailable on the open web
  • can have a well defined scope
    • covering specific years, various geographies, specific sources, etc.
  • can be subject specific or general
    • finance, business, social sciences, multi-disciplinary
  • can contain one or more source types
    • articles, books, journals, magazines, news, data, financials, reports, videos, maps, images, and more!
  • support precise, systematic searching
    • many searching, filtering, sorting and exporting options
  • contain content curated by humans (not robots)
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