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How Do I Find Collective Agreements?

Canadian and U.S. sources of collective agreements.

Collective Agreements ...

Collective Agreements...

  • are legal contracts between a union and an employer
  • typically set out the rates of pay, hours of work, vacations, benefits, grievance procedures, and other conditions of employment
  • have a set expiry date (typically one to three years)

Collective Agreement Sources

CANADA | Alberta | British Columbia | Manitoba | New Brunswick | Newfoundland and Labrador | Northwest Territories | Nova Scotia | Nunuvat | Ontario | Prince Edward Island | Quebec | Saskatchewan | Yukon | UNITED STATES


  • Best Bet!open accessNegotech - Employment and Social Development Canada
    • Contains full-text copies of current and historical collective agreements across Canada.
    • Search by company, union, date, sector, industry and other criteria.
  • open accessCollective Agreements for the Public Service - Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
    • Contains current collective agreements of groups in the federal public service in Canada.
    • Search for agreements by keyword(s) or browse alphabetically.


  • open accessCollective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)Alberta Ministry of Labour and Immigration
    • Contains selected collective agreements for organizations operating within Alberta, Canada.
    • Includes the current and most recent expired agreements filed electronically with the Government of Alberta.
    • Search for agreements by employer, union, city/region, local # and date.

British Columbia

  • open accessBC Bargaining Database - Business Council of British Columbia and British Columbia Labour Relations Board
    • Contains current and expired collective agreements throughout British Columbia, Canada.
    • Search by company, sector, industry, union, date and keyword(s).
  • open accessCollective Agreements - British Columbia Labour Relations Board
    • Contains current and historical collective agreements filed in British Columbia, Canada.
    • Search collective agreements by employer name, union name, or industry.


  • open accessBargaining - Manitoba School Boards Association
    • Contains current collective agreements for teaching and non-teaching staff in Manitoba,Canada. 
    • Browse agreements by Division.
  • open accessCollective Agreements - MNU (Manitoba Nurses Union)
    • Includes current collective agreements for various regional health authorities and health facilities in Manitoba, Canada. 
    • Browse agreements by category.

New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • open accessCollective Agreement Database - Department of Immigration, Skills and Labour, Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Contains active collective agreements filed with the Department of Immigration, Skills and Labour in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
    • Search by keyword(s), collective agreement name, NAICS code, union, employer, date or sector.
  • open accessCollective Agreements - NAPE (Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees)
    • Contains current collective agreements negotiated by NAPE on behalf of its members in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 
    • Search by keyword(s). 

Northwest Territories

  • open accessTerms of Employment - Human Resources, Northwest Terrorities
    • Contains current collective agreements between the NWTTA (Northwest Territories Teachers' Association), the UNW (Union of Northern Workers) and the Government of the Northwest Terrorities in Canada.

Nova Scotia

  • open accessAgreements  - NSCLRA (Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association)
    • Contains current collective agreements for trades affiliated with the Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association in Canada.
    • Browse collective agreements from mainland Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island and other areas.


  • open accessCollective Agreements - NEU (Nunavut Employees Union) 
    • Contains collective agreeements for bargaining units associated with the Nunavut Employees Union in Canada.
    • Browse collective agreements by title.


  • open accessCollective Agreements e-Library Portal - Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
    • Contains current and expired public and private sector collective agreements in Ontario, Canada.
    • Search by keyword(s), employer, union, industry, sector and more.
  • open accessCollective Agreements - OHA (Ontario Hospital Association)
    • Contains current central and local collective agreements for hospitals in Ontario, Canada.
    • Browse for agreements by union name.
  • open accessCollective Agreements - Human Resources Services, McMaster University
    • Contains current and historical collective agreements for various employee groups at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Prince Edward Island

  • open accessCollective Agreements - Government of Prince Edward Island
    • A listing of current collective agreements on file with the Industrial Relations Division in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
    • Search for agreements by union, company or keyword(s).


  • open accessCollective Agreements - Commission De La Construction Du Québec
    • Includes current collective agreements for various sectors of the construction industry
  • open accessCollective Agreements - CPN (Comité Patronaux de Négociation)  Management Negotiating Committee)
    • Includes current collective agreements for teaching, professional and support staff of school service centers, school boards and colleges. 


  • open accessAgreements - CLR Construction Labour Relations Association of Saskatchewan
    • Contains new and historical collective agreements for various building trades in Saskatchewan, Canada.


  • open accessCollective Agreements - Public Service Commission, Yukon Government
    • Current and historical collective agreements with YEU (Yukon Employees' Union), YTA (Yukon Teachers' Association),  and the Government of Yukon in Canada.


  • open accessCollective Bargaining Agreements File: Online Listings of Private and Public Sector Agreements - OLMS (Office of Labor-Management Standards), Department of Labor, United States
    • Contains current and historical public and private sector collective agreements in the United States.
    • Browse agreements alphabetically by employer name. 
  • Best Bet!open accessLabor Contracts Database - IRLE (Institute for Research on Labor and Employment) Library, University of California, Berkeley
    • "A one-stop public on-line clearinghouse for cataloged and digitized complete union contract text."
    • Search U.S. labour contracts by state, union name or occupation.

Other Sources of Collective Agreements

When the agreement is not available ...

Contact the union or employer directly. Try the following sources:.

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