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A Guide to Books


At times you may be expected to find a particular resource from a given citation. You can do this by searching for the Author or Title of the book.

*Remember to check the Year of Publication so that you retrieve the correct edition of your book.

 In order to find a book from a given citation you need to be able to understand it so that you can pull out the relevant details for your search.

Sample Citation: 

  • Auerbach, J. A. (1999). The great exhibition of 1851: A nation on display. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.
Citation Elements Item Details
Author(s) Jeffrey A. Auerbach
Title The Great Exhibition ogf 1851: A Nation on Display
Place of Publication New Haven, CT
Publisher's Name Yale University Press
Year of Publication 1999

Distinguishing Features

  • Only one Title will appear in a book citation.
  • A book citation includes a Place of Publication and a Publisher's Name.

Book Chapters

Books chapters are cited when they belong to an edited collection. An edited collection is a compilation of chapters or essays contributed by several different authors.

This citation will feature all of the elements from a book citation with a few additional pieces of information.

Sample Citation

  • Sperling, Joy (2013). "Wot is to be" : The visual construction of empire at the crystal palace exhibition, London 1851. In M. Tromp, M. K. Bachman               & H. Kaufman (Eds.), Fear, loathing and victorian xenophobia (pp. 181-207). Columbus: Ohio State University Press.
Citation Elements Item Details
Author(s) Joy Sperling
Chapter Title "Wot is to be" : The Visual Construction of Empire at the Crystal Palace Exhibition, London 1851
Page Numbers 181-207
Book Title  Fear, Loathing and Victorian Xenophobia
Editor(s) Marlene Tromp, Maria K. Bachman and Heidi Kaufman
Place of Publication Columbus
Publisher's Name Ohio State University Press
Year of Publication 2013

Distinguishing Features

  • The citation includes two Titles.
  • The citation includes a Place of Publication and a Publisher's Name which shows that it is part of a book.
  • Editor(s) and a range of Page Numbers are provided.
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