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HUMANITIES 1VV3 - Voice and Vision: Words to Change the World

Writing Help

McMaster University's Academic Support at the Student Success Centre

Meet with writing assistants to receive help in:

  • topic and thesis development
  • constructing a strong argument
  • essay organization and structure
  • referencing and formatting

among other services.

Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity strives to assist instructors and students with issues of academic integrity.

The Office of Academic Integrity provides information for students and instructors alike to assist with the pursuit of knowledge and scholarship and to help avoid problems with dishonesty.

The most current Academic Integrity Policy is dated April 10, 2013 (effective July 1, 2013).

MLA Style Guide

In this video you’ll learn how to write basic in-text citations and a Works Cited list in MLA. (3:38)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

Research and Writing in the Humanities

Citation Elements


▹Book Title
▹Year of Publication

Journal Articles

▹Article Title
▹Source Title
▹Volume Number
▹Issue Number
▹Publication Date
▹Page Range

MLA In Text Citations

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