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GIS and Geospatial Data

GIS Support and Resources

Need help with GIS or geospatial data? Individual and group consultations are available.

Please use the following booking form to schedule an appointment.

GIS Consultation Request

Workshops are offered through the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship and Data Analysis Support Hub (DASH). For a list of upcoming workshops, see:

Class instruction can also be requested by contacting

Workshop content and online modules covering GIS as well as digital scholarship tools, Research Data Management, data analysis and visualization is available through the Lewis and Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship's online learning page, 

Available GIS modules include:

Esri provides a great deal of instructional material for ArcGIS and other Esri products, including web courses, training seminars, videos and hands-on lessons. Some resources are freely available, while others require access credentials.

McMaster University, through our site license for Esri products, can provide access to many of the GIS e-learning resources offered. To inquire about resources requiring a subscription, contact

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