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How Do I Find Financial Ratios?

Sources of industry and company ratios worldwide.

Industry Ratios

Geographic Coverage Date Coverage Title / Description / Search
Canada 1987-2000 Canadian Industry Norms & Ratios (Dun & Bradstreet Canada) - continued by Key Business Ratios
Location: INNIS Reference HF 3221.5 .D8 [microfiche]
  • data organized by asset range and 4-digit SIC (Standard Industrial Classification published by Dun & Bradstreet Canada) 
  • issued twice a year (April and October)
  • provides a three year set of selected industry ratios that measure solvency, efficiency and profitability
  • industry norms (i.e., financial statement data) are also included
Canada 1989-current open accessFinancial and Taxation Statistics for Enterprises (Statistics Canada)
Online: Statistics Canada Data Table: 33-10-0006-01, 1999 to current [select Add/Remove data tab to change default selections]; HTML or PDF,1999-2014 [discontinued]
Paper: MILLS GovPubs (2nd floor) CA1 BS 61-C219,1989,1992,1994-1998 [discontinued]
  • contains annual aggregate data of Canadian enterprises classified by 67 industry groupings which are based on NAICS Canada
  • balance sheet, income statement and selected ratios are included
Canada 2012-current Best Bet!open accessFinancial Performance Data (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada)
  • covers more than 1000 industries across Canada and more than 30 performance benchmarks
  • includes income statement, balance sheet and financial ratio data for companies operating in specific industries and geographic areas with revenues between $30,000 to $5 million and $5 million to $20 million
  • click the Create Report button and select variables to generate a customized report 
  • variables include revenue range, geography (Canada or provinces/territories), incorporation status, and industry code (i.e., 2-6 digit NAICS Canada)
  • financial performance data for previous years available via the Open Data Portal 
Canada 1991-2011 open access Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business (FPICB) (Statistics Canada)
Online: FPICB via ODESI or DLI , Volumes 1-3, 1994-2011 [discontinued]
Microfiche: MILLS GovPubs (2nd floor), Volume 1: CA1 BS 61- F0058, 1995-2001; Volume 2: CA1 BS 61- F0059, 1993-2001; Volume 3: CA1 BS 61- F0060,1993-1999 [discontinued]
  • contains 15 key financial ratios by industry groupings compiled from SIC Canada (1980) or NAICS Canada (1997 to 2012)
  • covers small, medium and large sized enterprises in Canada and/or the provinces/territories
Canada 1960-current open accessQuarterly Financial Statistics for Enterprises (Statistics Canada)
Online: Statistics Canada Data Tables: 33-10-0007-01 and 33-10-0008-01, 1988 to current [select Add/Remove data button to change default selections];  HTML or PDF, 2000-2015 [publication discontinued]; 
Paper: MILLS GovPubs (2nd floor) CA1 BS 61-C003, [1960-1990];CA1 BS 61-C006,[1963-1990]; CA1 BS 61-C008,1991-2001 [discontinued]
  • presents balance sheet, income statement and ratio data in the Tables section
  • covers 22 financial and non-financial sectors and their totals at the national level
  • industry breakdowns are based on SIC Canada (1980) or NAICS Canada (1997 to 2012)
Canada U.S.  [2001-current] Best Bet!McMaster Users Only Key Business Ratios (Dun & Bradstreet, Mergent)
  • data derived from Dun & Bradstreet's database of financial statements for public and private companies
  • includes 14 key business ratios covering solvency, efficiency and profitability for over 800 lines of businesses 
  • search by 2-4 digit SIC (United States), 6-digit NAICS (United States), line of business, asset range, region and year 
  • industry norms or averages are included
U.S.  1970-current McMaster Users OnlyFinancial Ratios Industry Level via WRDS
  • includes over 70 financial ratios grouped into the following 7 categories: capitalization, efficiency, financial soundness/solvency, liquidity, profitability, valuation and others
  • data based on constituents from the S&P 500 Index or CRSP US Common Stocks 
  • industry breakdown is by GICS (10 sectors) or Fama-French Industry Classification (10,12, 17, 30, 48 or 49)
  • at the WRDS home page, select Financial Ratios Suite by WRDS noted under the Subscriptions heading > select Financial Ratios Industry Level > complete each step in the Query Form
U.S.  Current McMaster Users Only First Research Industry Profiles via Business Premium Collection
  • search by industry keywords to find profiles which include a section on financial ratios
    NOTE: The financial industry data provided by MicroBilt Corporation is collected from 32 different data sources and represents financial performance of over 4.5 million privately held businesses and detailed industry financial benchmarks of companies in over 900 industries (SIC and NAICS)
U.S.  Current McMaster Users Only Plunkett Corporate Benchmarking Reports via Business Premium Collection
  • search by company name to find reports with analytics, financial metrics, and benchmarks against averages and top companies within its industry (U.S.), on a multi-year basis
U.S. Canada Mexico 1980,1989, 1995,1998, 2001-current Best Bet!Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios (Wolters Kluwer)
Location: INNIS Bookstacks & Reference: HF 5681 .R25 T68
  • data derived from U.S.Treasury IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax returns on U.S. and international companies
  • lists 50 performance indicators for almost 200 industries in North America
  • industry breakdowns are based on 4-digit SIC (United States) or 6-digit NAICS (United States), 1997 to 2012
  • organized by industry and asset size
2005-2024 McMaster Users OnlyIBISWorld
  • when viewing an industry report, go to the Key Statistics section to see industry data including selected key ratios such as imports/demand (%), exports/revenue (%), wages/revenue (%), etc.
  • the Key Statistics section of US Industry Reports (NAICS) also include industry financial ratios derived from the RMA (Risk Management Association). Ratios for liquidity, coverage, leverage, operating, cash flow & debt service, assets and liabilities are typically included. 
Global Current McMaster Users OnlyBloomberg Professional Service (a.k.a. Bloomberg Terminal) 
Location: DeGroote Trading Centres - GTF (Gould Trading Floor), DSB 122A (Hamilton campus) and HIDC (Horizons Investment Decision Centre), RJC 126 (Burlington campus) NOTE: On-campus use only.
  • industry ratio reports can be retrieved using the RV (relative value) function.
Global Current  McMaster Users OnlyFactiva 
  • select Companies/Markets in the top toolbar > Industry > select an industry from the resulting list > scroll through the Industry Snapshot and look for a section labelled Industry Averages & Ratios
  • select Companies/Markets in the top toolbar > Company > search for a company and select it from the Company Search Results > select Reports (left side) on the Company Snapshot page  > select Ratio Comparison Reports from the Select a Template drop-down menu > select View Report button > compares key financial ratios of the company against its industry, sector, and the S&P 500 Index aggregates


Can't find relevant industry ratios in the above sources? Try searching our Industry Report Sources or contact an industry association related to your industry.