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A Guide to Theses & Dissertations

McMaster Theses & Dissertations Online


  • McMaster full text theses and dissertations from 1971 to the present are available in MacSphere, McMaster's Institutional Repository. 
  • Date coverage: 1971 to current (Ph.D. theses); 1972 to 1982 (some Master's theses may be included).

Dissertations & Theses @ McMaster University

  • Contains citations & abstracts of all McMaster theses submitted to UMI Dissertation Publishing. Authorized McMaster users can download full-text PDF versions (if available) of dissertations and theses published by McMaster students.
  • Date coverage: 1970 to current (Ph.D. theses); 1972 to 1982 (some Master's theses may be included).


In MacSphere you can search for theses and dissertations by subject or department. On the MacSphere home page select Open Access Dissertations and Theses Community under Communities in MacSphere and on the next page select browse by subject or department. You are also able to browse by title, author and publication date.

McMaster Theses & Dissertations in Print

Print and microfiche McMaster theses and dissertations can be found via the library catalogue and are held in the subject specific library. There are also archival copies of theses and dissertations that are housed off site.

Theses and dissertations can be searched by title, author, subject or keyword. Depending on the year of publication certain theses and disseretations have been assigned subject headings. Note:

  • All Bachelor theses and most Master and Ph.D theses before 1983 have only been assigned the generic subject heading MCMASTER UNIVERSITY DISSERTATIONS.
  • Theses from 1983 to 2000 have been assigned both the generic subject heading and LCSH.
  • Theses from 2001 onward have been assigned LCSH and/or subject keywords.
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