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How To Avoid Predatory Publishers and Conferences

Predatory Conferences

The scholarly community faces an increasing number of invitations to present at or attend conferences. Some of these are respectable, academic events, while others are misleading, exaggerated or even fake. Think. Check. Attend. provides guidelines that help researchers to differentiate between an authentic conference and the one they should avoid. These steps help scholars to recognise the characteristics of a trusted conference to attend and submit their abstracts through a number of steps and a checklist (below). Follow these steps, and use the conference checker tool, to feel confident that you attend only the most appropriate conferences.

Conference Checker

Are you considering attending or presenting at a conference? Use the conference checker tool by Think. Check. Attend. to help determine if you are considering the right conference or not.

Logo for the Think Check Attend Initiative

Think. Check. Attend. aims to guide researchers and scholars to judge the legitimacy and academic credentials of conferences in order to decide whether or not to attend. This initiative provides guidelines to help researchers and scholars differentiate between an authentic conference and one that they should avoid.


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