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How Do I Find Library Catalogues?

Guide to local and worldwide library catalogues.

A Library Catalogue ...

A Library Catalogue...

  • is an index to the contents of a library or group of libraries
  • allows you to locate material by author, title, subject, etc.
  • can include: books; journal, magazine & newspaper titles (not articles); government publications; archives; maps; databases; games; videos; other materials
  • gives details (e.g., publisher, date of publication, etc.) required for bibliographies and endnotes
  • may give the location, call number and status (e.g., checked out) of an item
  • that is available online may be called an OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • that combines the contents of several library catalogues may be called a union catalogue
  • can typically be searched by anyone, anywhere in the world, with no restrictions