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How Do I Find Government Publications?

International Organization Publications



  • AccessUN mcmaster access only 
    provides access to current and retrospective United Nations documents and publications including Official Records, masthead documents, draft resolutions, meeting records, UN Sales Publications, and the UN Treaty Series citations
  • Official Documents of the United Nations
    ODS covers all types of official United Nations documentation, beginning in 1993. Older UN documents are, however, added to the system on a daily basis. ODS also provides access to the resolutions of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and the Trusteeship Council from 1946 onwards. The system does not contain press releases, UN sales publications, the United Nations Treaty Series or information brochures issued by the Department of Public Information.
  • UN Documentation Centre 
    provides access to a collection of documents and publications issued by the UN (reports, resolutions, meeting records, sales publications, and press releases) and features materials from the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Secretariat, International Court of Justice, and Trusteeship Council.
  • United Nations Documents: Research Guide 
    a guide presenting an overview of the various types of documents and publications issued by the Organization (e.g, reports, resolutions, meeting records, sales publications, press releases) and gives guidance on how to work with them
  • United Nations Statistics Division 
    a statistical database for the member states of the United Nations

UN Agencies

  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 
    search essential documents, statistics, maps and multimedia resources of the FAO whose mandate it is to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve agricultural productivity, and to better the condition of rural populations
    an on-line multilingual database currently containing over 1 million time-series records from over 210 countries and territories covering statistics on agriculture, nutrition, fisheries, forestry, food aid, land use and population
  • Human Development Reports 
    provides access to free publications on human development of civil, political, economic, and social rights worldwide from the United Nation Development Programme
  • International Court of Justice 
    search general information and basic documents, current dockets of the court, decision of the ICJ, and publications
  • International Labour Organization 
    provides information on standards and fundamental principles at work, employment, social protection, social dialogue and links to departmental pages and official documents
  • Access to ILO Databases 
    access to the online databases of the International Labour Organization, with international coverage of the world of work and the labor-related aspects of economic and social development in countries around the world
  • ILO: Infocus Programme on Child Labour 
    presents information about the efforts of the ILO to prohibit and eliminate the use of child labor
  • International Monetary Fund 
    a list of links to news, fund rates, IMF publications, standards and codes, country information, and featured topics from the IMF
  • IMF: World Economic Outlook Database List 
    search the World Economic Outlook Database by country or country groups or by WEO aggregates
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 
    browse by topic, country, department or find statistics, publications, and news releases from the OECD
  • SourceOECD (Statistics) mcmaster access only 
    search in real time, online and build tables in SourceOECD ‘s statistical databases
  • Our Planet 
    a magazine reporting on environmentally sustainable development around the world published by the United Nations Environment Programme

  • United Nation Population Information Network 
    a guide to data, publications, organizations, and conferences on population information
  • United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization 
    a portal to UNESCO themes (education, natural science, social sciences, culture, communication & iInformation, special focus), regions & countries, the organization, and online services
  • UNESCO Institute for Statistics 
    global and internationally comparable statistics on education, science, technology, culture and communication
  • UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency 
    a searchable database of news, publications, and links to The UN's refugee agency
  • The World Bank Group 
    search documents & reports, publications, statistics & data, many other areas of the World Bank Group who offer loans, advice, and an array of customized resources to more than 100 developing countries and countries in transition
  • World Health Organization 
    a list of links to news, countries, health topics, publications, research tools, and WHO sites
  • World Trade Organization 
    search trade topics, resources (including statistics and publications), documents, and community / forums on the international body dealing with the rules of trade between nations

European Union

  • Europa: Gateway to the European Union 
    a single point of access to information, such as press releases, legislation, and fact-sheets, published by the European Union and its institutions (European Parliament, Council of the EU, European Commission, Court of Justice, Court of Auditors, Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, Agencies and other Bodies)
  • European Union Documents
  • EUR-Lex 
    a portal to European Union law
  • Official Publications of the European Union 
    a list of key publications for purchase of the European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States
  • European Union Internet Resources 
    a list of links to a wide variety of internet resources

Other International Organizations

Statistical Sources
mcmaster access only = may be accessed by currently registered students, staff and faculty at McMaster
 public access = accessible by everyone


  • Statistics Canada's website  public access
    this site provides economic, social and census data (free and for fee) plus daily analysis of statistical releases
  • CANSIM mcmaster access only
    Time series statistics ranging from social to economic aspects of Canadian life
  • Free Statistics Canada's Publications  public access
    Full text access to a variety of publications listed by subject and date
  • Free Statistics Canada's Studies, Research Papers and Technical Papers  public access
    Full text access to a variety of studies, research and technical papers listed by subject, author and date
  • Historical Statistics of Canada public access
    Statistical tables on the social, economic and institutional conditions of Canada from 1867 to the mid 1970s
  • Census of Canada (2011, 2006, 2001 and 1996)  public access
    Describing characteristics of Canada's people, dwellings and agricultural operations
  • National Household Survey 2011  public access
    Between May and August 2011, Statistics Canada conducted the National Household Survey (NHS) for the first time. This voluntary, self-administered survey was introduced as a replacement for the long census questionnaire, more widely known as Census Form 2B.

    The NHS is designed to collect social and economic data about the Canadian population. The objective of the NHS is to provide data for small geographic areas and small population groups.

  • 2006 Census Aboriginal Population Profile  public access
    Aboriginal identity population where the population is above 250 people
  • Canadian Census Analyser mcmaster access only
    provides access to aggregate Canadian Census Data, including access to 2006, 2001, 1996, 1991, 1986, 1981, 1976 and 1971 Individual Microdata Files
  • Annual demographic statistics  public access
    Estimated Canadian demographic statistics annually from 1971 to 2005.
  • Canadian Statistics - Summary Tables  public access
    These summary tables provide an overview of statistical information on Canada's people, economy and governments
  •  public access
    This site will help you to locate FREE data on-line and assist Canadian entrepreneurs in assessing their market potential, competition, and industry performance.
  • OECDiLibrary mcmaster access only
    OECDiLibrary delivers OECD publications and databases online. You will be able to access statistical databases and build your own tables, in real time using latest available statistics, online. You don't need any special software to use the service and you can export tables to Excel, Beyond 20/20 and in .csv formats.

Canadian Print Resources

United States

  • FedStats  public access
    access to statistics and information produced by more than 100 U.S. Federal Government agencies
  • FastStats  public access
    Provided by National Center for Health Statistics. FastStats site provides quick access to statistics on topics of public health importance and is organized alphabetically. Links are provided to publications that include the statistics presented, to sources of more data, and to related web pages.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics  public access
    The principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics
  • U.S. Census Bureau  public access
    Provides demographic information and analysis through on-line access to data, publications, products, and programs
  • United States Historical Census Data Browser (1790- 1960)  public access
    Access to extensive collections of numeric and geospatial data files and computing facilities and software for data manipulation, research, and instruction; and a suite of Internet-accessible data extraction tools
  • American Factfinder  public access
    A source for population, housing, economic and geographic data from Census 2000, the 1990 Decennial Census, the 1997 Economic Census, the American Community Survey, and the Population Estimates Program
  • OECDiLibrary mcmaster access only
    OECDiLibrary delivers OECD publications and databases online. You will be able to access statistical databases and build your own tables, in real time using latest available statistics, online. No special software needed and you can export tables to Excel, Beyond 20/20 and in .csv formats.

U.S. Print Resources

United Kingdom

U.K. Print Resources


  • International Data Base  public access
    a computerized data bank containing statistical tables of demographic, and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas of the world
  • OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web  public access
    a directory of Web sites containing social, economic, and general data, arranged alphabetically by country, by region, and by topic
  • United Nations Statistics Division  public access
    a statistical database of world statistics compiled from international sources in the fields of international merchandise trade, national accounts, demography and population, social indicators, and industry
  • UNCTADstat  public access
    a database searchable by International merchandise trade, trade in services, export and import structure by product and by regions of origin and destination, foreign direct investment, international financial data, national accounts, and more
  • UNdata  public access
    a searchable database of general and specific populations, also includes country profiles, assumptions, definitions of regions, and a glossary
  • OECDiLibrary mcmaster access only
    SourceOECD delivers OECD publications and databases online. You will be able to access statistical databases and build your own tables, in real time using latest available statistics, online. You don't need any special software to use the service and you can export tables to Excel, Beyond 20/20 and in .csv formats.

International Print Resources

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