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How Do I Find Articles?

Articles from a Citation


 Online Journals tab (step 1)

  • go to the library home page and click on the Online Journals tab
  • type the title of the journal (for example: Behavior Modification) in the search box and click "Go"
    • NOTE: do not search for the title of an article within the journal!
    • if you get too many results, change the radio button from "Contains" to "Starts with" and click "Go" again
    • if your journal isn't listed, skip to library catalogue  (step 2) 
  • on the resulting screen, at the bottom of the listing for the journal you want, click the "Get It!" button

Screenshot of Find E-Journals results page

  • in a popup window or new tab, all the providers for the journal will be listed, along with the years or volumes of coverage

Screenshot of Behavior Modification full text available listings

  • if you are looking for a specific article, click the provider that includes the year or volume when your article was published
    • "Available from 1977 volume: 1 issue:1" ...means we have everything from then to the current issue
    • if no provider has your year/volume, skip to Get it! catalogue check
  • at the provider page, look for a link or drop-down menu for past years, volumes or issues
    • different providers have different displays
  • navigate to the year, volume, issue and page for your article

Screenshot of Journal Issues listing

  • when you find your article, look for links to full text, either in PDF or HTML format

Get it! catalogue check

  • if no provider has your year/volume, in the Get it! window click "Check for a print copy in our Library Catalogue"

Screenshot highlighting where Check for Print Copy is located on the page

  • if we have the journal in print on the shelf, details of where it is and what years are covered will be shown in a new window or tab
  • if there's nothing listed, or we don't have the year you need, go to library catalogue (step 2)

Library Catalogue (step 2)

  • go to the library home page
  • in the Catalogue tab, type the title of the journal (for example: international review of qualitative research) in the search box
  • if the journal is listed, and you are looking for a particular article, check that the coverage includes the year or volume for your article
  • if the journal is not listed, skip to RACER (step 3)

RACER (step 3)

  • if your journal is not listed, or we don't have the year or volume you need, McMaster students, staff and faculty may request the article through RACER

Screenshot showing where request item through RACER is located

  • articles take from 2 to 5 days (or longer) to arrive depending on availability
  • you will be notified by email when the article arrives
  • the RACER service is provided at no charge
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