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How Do I Find Company Annual Reports?

Guide to annual reports and financials of companies worldwide.

Sources of Company Annual Reports

Geographic Coverage
Date Coverage
File Format
Access / Help
Global Best Bet!open 1990s to current PDF or HTML Free. No registration required.
Global Company websites Usually current year PDF or HTML Search for a company using your favourite search engine (e.g., Google). On the company home page, look for a link labelled Investor or Corporate Relations.
Global Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyMergent Archives 1840s to current PDF Click Begin Your Search button > select Annual Reports link (top left). Search by company name, year, document type, country, state or city. 
Global Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyMergent Online
1990s to current PDF Search for a company, view its profile and then select the Reports tab.
Global open accessThe Public Register Online 2000s to current PDF or HTML Free. Registration required.
Search by ticker symbol, or browse alphabetically by company name, state or industry. To view Canadian companies only, select Canada Search.
Global McMaster Users Only Reportal via ProQuest [1934 to current] PDF Search for a company name or browse years and search for a specific company.
Africa open 1997 to current HTML or PDF Free. No registration required.
Canada open accessCanadian Corporate Reports via McGill Digital Archive [1800s to 1997] PDF Free. No registration required.
Canada CanCorp 1970s-1990's Microfiche No access restrictions.
Located at MILLS Library (3rd floor).
Canada open accessSEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval) 1997 to current PDF Free. No registration required.
U.K. open accessCompanies House 1980s to current PDF Free. No registration required. More info.
U.S. open accessCorporate Reports Online via Penn Libraries Colenda Digital Repository [1834 to 1968] PDF Free. No registration required. 
U.S. open accessEDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) 1990s to current HTML Free. No registration required.
Guides:  Using EDGAR to Research Investments​ 
NOTE: Simplified EDGAR searches available via Mergent Online (click on the Government Filings tab) and via Nexis Uni (Select Search by Subject or Topic > go to the Companies menu > select SEC Filings.)
U.S. McMaster Users OnlyNexis Uni
1990s to current HTML

From the Nexis Uni home page ...

  1. Click the Menu drop-down list (top left) and select Company Dossier.
  2. Search by company name, ticker, company type, regions/countries and more. 
  3. Click Search.
  4. Select a company in the results list
  5. Select SEC Filings in the left column of the company report or profile.
  6. Select Latest 10-K Filings (Form 10-K) to view the company's most recent annual reports


From the Nexis Uni home page ...

  1. Select the Advanced Search link below the main search box.
  2. On the Advanced Search page  and select Company and Financial > SEC Filings from the list.
  3. On the SEC Filings Advanced Search form, go to the drop-down All Fields menu (end of text input box); pick Company Name and enter a name in one of the boxes; pick Form-Type and enter 10-K in another box; click the Search button to view the company's annual reports.
U.S. McMaster Users OnlyProQuest Annual Reports Collection [1916 to 2008] PDF Browse by Company Name, by Industry or by Date. 
(New York City)
open accessColumbia Historical Corporate Reports Online Collection 1850s to 1960s PDF Free. No registration required.
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