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Data Visualization Guide

Sample Datasets


The Gephi wiki provides detailed information about a wide variety of topics, and includes user manuals, plugin information, community details, and much more.

The Gephi blog provides periodic updates on major news about Gephi.

Other Network Visualization Tools

  • Cytoscape is an open source network graph software that was originally designed for biological use, but now has an expanded scope. It is available at
  • Jung is a java-based open source network graph framework at
  • GUESS is a Python-based software for graph exploration at
  • Pajek is a Windows-based program designed for large network analysis at
  • GraphML is one of the older graph projects available, with fewer recent updates than most of the tools in this list at
  • D3 is a JavaScript-based tool that contains some network-based components
  • SigmaJS is an alternative to D3 offering some similar options for creating network-based visualizations at
  • Ora is another tool designed for network analysis and graphs, and is part of the CASOS project at Carnegie-Mellon. You can download Ora at
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