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SOCIAL SCIENCES 1SS3 - Inquiry in the Social Sciences: Poverty, Wealth and the Welfare State

Why Use Books?

Books are a great resource to use when searching for general information on a topic. They are useful for understanding a topic in its context and provide summaries of existing research as well as offer a historical perspective.

Books are best located using the Search feature in our Library Catalogue. 

Borrowing from Other Libraries

If McMaster Library does not own a book that interests you, you can request it through RACER, our interlibrary loan system. 

Library Catalogue

Relevant Call Numbers

Our books are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification system. When looking for books in Social Sciences it is a good idea to start with Class H- Social Sciences.

Subclasses that may be of interest to you include:

HM (1)-1281 Sociology

Primary and Secondary Sources

For a good explanation of Secondary Resources check out this link:


A box describing that a secondary source is a creative work that analyzes and interprets primary sources.

For a good explanation of Primary Resources check out these links:


A box describing that a primary source is an original firsthand account of a time or event.

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