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Peace Studies 1A03 - Winter 2021

Research in Peace Studies

Peace studies is an interdisciplinary field, encompassing subject areas from the Faculties of Science and Social Sciences as well as Humanities. Peace Studies is concerned with war and peace, violence and nonviolence, conflict and conflict transformation. Peace researchers also study concepts of justice and the ways in which people organize and wage conflict to achieve what they perceive as just ends.  


That being said, searching can for peace studies material can be challenging since searches involving words like peace, conflict, justice, and violence will give many results, few of which are likely to result in many irrelevant hits. So, as researchers in peace studies we need to pay lots of attention to our search strategy.  That is, where we conduct our search and the keywords we use to build our search string. 

This video from the University of Guelph Library will help you understand how to narrow your topic. 

Choosing Keywords

Choose an Essay Topic

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