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Relevant Call Numbers

Our books are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification system. When looking for books in Political Science it is a good idea to start with Subclass JL- Political Institutions and Public Administration.

Subclasses that may be of interest to you include:

JL 1-500 Canada


Government Publications are useful primary sources as they provide original uninterpreted testimony and information on many topics and issues. These may include publications such as reports, documents and speeches.

McMaster University houses their Main Collection of Government Publications on the 2nd floor of Mills Library. 

For a good explanation of Secondary Resources check out these links:


A box describing that a secondary source is a creative work that analyzes and interprets primary sources.

Media sources, meaning the grouping of print, broadcast and internet are a great resource tool for learning about current events as well as government activity, including foreign policy. Here are some media sources that may be of interest to you:


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