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New Faculty Orientation

This guide connect new faculty to the resources, services and people on campus that are relevant to teaching, learning and research at McMaster.

Teaching and Learning Support and Library Research Skills Instruction

The Library is your partner in teaching, learning and research.
Our goal is to foster information literacy in the teaching and learning community at McMaster. Information literacy is the ability to recognize when and what kind of information is needed, and to locate, evaluate, and use the required information effectively.
Information literacy skills are common to all disciplines, and support lifelong learning. They enable learners to master content and extend their investigations, become more self-directed, and assume greater control over their own learning. Visit Learning Support at

Photograph of Leeanne Romane, librarian                                          

Leeanne Romane, BA, MLIS
Graduate Studies Librarian

Anna Flak, BA, MA, MLIS - on leave
Learning Support Librarian - Humanities/Social Science

Erin Stienstra, MLIS
Learning Support Librarian - Humanities/Social Science

Abeer Siddiqui, BSc, MLIS
Interdisciplinary Science and Learning Support Librarian

Ines Perkovic, MLIS
Business Librarian

Jeannie An, MLIS
Ron Joyce Centre Research Services Librarian

Katie Harding, MLIS
Learning Support Librarian - Engineering

Nicole Doro, MLIS
Learning Support Librarian - Humanities/Social Science


Request a Class


We offer course-related and course-integrated instruction to McMaster faculty and students on how to find, evaluate and use information effectively and ethically.

Request library instruction for your class

We can:

  • Provide advice on creating effective library and information research assignments.
  • Teach your students how to critically think about their research needs, and how to use library resources. 
  • Create a course guide to help your students understand how to use library resources for their assignment.
  • Educate students about plagiarism and the ethical use of information.
  • Teach students how to correctly cite sources in their papers and bibliographies.

If you feel your students can benefit from one-on-one guidance from a librarian, you can refer them to Learning Support for a Research Consultation. 

Research Consultation Form

Research consultations can help students:

  • get started on developing their reseach question
  • decide on which databases are most relevant to their topic
  • create a better search strategy
  • critically think about which resources to use, and why
    and so much more!


The Library has tools and training to support students every step of the way through the information research process. Whether they are just starting out and need a plan, or are finished with the research and want to preserve and publish it. 

The Research Help page will provide students, staff, and faculty with information on Planning Research, Finding Resources, Evaluating Sources, and Publishing. Make sure students check out the How Library Stuff Works videos, as well as the Library Research Skills Tutorial. 

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