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How Do I Cite Maps and Atlases?

Cite Maps and Atlases

Basic Form Examples

Map on a Single Sheet

Author. "Title" [format]. Edition. Scale. Place of publication: Publisher, Date. National Geographic Society. "South Asia, with Afghanistan and Myanmar" [map]. 1:7,345,000, 1"=116 miles. Washington: National Geographic Society, May 1997. 

Manitoba Natural Resources, Surveys and Mapping Branch. "Manitoba: Municipalities Local Government Districts 1988" [map]. 3rd edition. 1:1,000,000. [Winnipeg]: Manitoba Natural Resources, Surveys and Mapping Branch, 1987.

Map in a Topographic Series

Author. "Sheet title" [format]. Edition. Scale. Series, sheet number. Place of publication: Publisher, Date. Canada Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, Canada Centre for Mapping. "Brantford, Ontario" [map]. Edition 7. 1:50,000. Canada 1:50,000, sheet 40P/1. Ottawa: Canada Centre for Mapping, 1994. 

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Ontario Base Maps] 1:10,000, sheet 10 17 5850 47900. Toronto: Ministry of Natural Resources, 1983.

Map in a Series (Not Topographic)

Author. "Sheet title" [format]. Edition. Scale. Series title and/or number. Place of publication: Publisher, Date.

Sado, E.V. and B.F. Carswell. "Surficial Geology of Northern Ontario" [map]. 1:1,200,000. Ontario Geological Survey Map 2518. Toronto: Ontario Geological Survey, 1987.

Facsimile or Reproduction Map

Author. "Title" [format]. Scale. Original place of publication: Original publisher, Original date of publication. As reproduced by, Place of publication: Publisher, Date. Melish, John. "Map of the Seat of War in North America" [facsimile]. 1813-1815. As reproduced by, Ottawa: Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives, ACML Facsimile Map Series #144, 1993.

Map in a Book

Map author. "Map title" [format]. Scale. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date. In: Book author. Book title. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher, Date, page. Hulbert, Archer Butler. "Map of French Forts in America, 1750-60" [map]. In: Archer Butler Hulbert. History of the Niagara River. Harrison, N.Y.: Harbor Hill Books, 1978, p.165.

Map in a Journal

Map author. "Map title" [format]. In: Article author. "Article title", Journal title, Volume (Date): page. "The Distribution of Canadian Multinational Headquarters in Ontario, 1992" [map]. 3.5 cm=50km. In: Stephen P. Meyer. "Canadian Multinational Headquarters: The Importance of Toronto's Inner City", The Great Lakes Geographer 3#1 (1996): 7.


Author. Title. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher, Date. Pelletier, B.R. (ed.). Marine Science Atlas of the Beaufort Sea: Sediments. Ottawa: Geological Survey of Canada, Miscellaneous Report 38, 1984.

Map or Plate in an Atlas

Map author. "Map title" [format]. Scale. In: Atlas author. Atlas title. Edition. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date, page. "Military Service" [map]. In: Joni Seeger and Ann Olson. Women in the World: An International Atlas. London: Pluto Press Ltd., 1986, plate 32.

Map in a Computer-based Atlas

Author. "Map title" [format]. Scale. Computer software title [format]. Edition. Place of production: Producer, Date of copyright or production. "Map of Prussia in 1791" [map]. Centennia [computer atlas]. Version 1995.5. Chicago: Clockwork Software Inc., 1995.

Map Produced Using GIS Software

Author. "Map title" [format]. Scale. Computer database title [format]. Edition. Place of production: Producer, Date of copyright or production. Using: Author. Computer software title[format]. Edition. Place of production: Producer, Date of copyright or production. "Percentage of Total Population with Italian as Mother Tongue, Hamilton CMA, 1991" [map]. 1"=15 miles approx. Census of Canada 1991, Hamilton CMA Census Tracts Digital Boundary File (g91ct537.exe) and Census of Canada 1991 CD-ROM [computer files]. Hamilton: Lloyd Reeds Map Collection, McMaster University, 1996. Using: ArcView GIS [GIS software]. Version 3.0. Redlands, CA: Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., 1992-1996.

Map on the Web

Author. "Map title" [format]. Scale. "Title of the complete document or site". Information date. URL, including the path and any directories necessary to access the document. (The date viewed) "Afghanistan" [map]. Visual Scale. The World Factbook 2: Afghanistan. (September 5, 2001)

Aerial Photograph

Author. "Title or frame number(s)" [format]. Scale. Flight title. Place of publication: Publisher, Date of image collection (NOT date of reproduction). Airborne Sensing Corp. "Aerial Photography, Spring 1985. Photos 62 and 63" [aerial photographs]. 1:5,000. Hamilton: Planning and Development Dept., Hamilton-Wentworth Region, 1985.

Dynamically Generated Map or Table

Data Producer. Name of database or source. "Title of map or table." [format]. Person who generated map or table; Software package used to generate map or table; <URL of main or first site page>. (Date map or table was generated). Statistics Canada. 2001 Census of Population. "Less than grade 9, population 20 years and over by highest level of schooling as % of Total Population...Hamilton [172 areas]." [map]. Generated by Cathy Moulder; using E-Stat; <>. (July 20, 2004).

Shapefile Generated from a GIS Dataset

Data Producer. Name of database or source. "Title of subset." [format]. Person who generated file; Software package used to generate file; Methodology used to generate file. (Date subset was generated). Statistics Canada. 2006 Census Census subdivisions (cartographic boundary file gcsd000b06a_e). "Indian Reserves in Canada." [ESRI shapefile]. Created by McMaster University Library Lloyd Reeds Map Collection, using ArcView 3.2, as a subset of the original dataset with csdtype = IRI. March 12, 2008.

Source: Clark, Suzanne M., Mary Lynette Larsgaard and Cynthia M. Teague. Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide. Chicago: American Library Association, Map and Geography Round Table, MAGERT Circular No. 1, 1992.

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