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Anti-Racism Resource Guide


This resource was created by librarians and library staff who identify as white or Non-Black Persons of Colour, and who occupy spaces of privilege. We are not immune to the hidden biases of our own privileges and perspectives, even as we strive to perform the work of allies. We invite users of this resource firstly to pause to acknowledge the stewards of Turtle Island and reaffirm action towards decolonization; and secondly, to mindfully observe and recognize privileges they might have that may bear upon their interaction and engagement with Anti-Racist work.  

Land Acknowledgement

McMaster University stands on the traditional territory shared between the Haudenosaunee confederacy and the Anishinabe nations. We must acknowledge a debt to those who were here before us, and recognize our responsibility, as guests, to respect and honour the intimate relationship Indigenous peoples have to this land. 

This land acknowledgement serves to remind us of the urgent requirement that we, as settlers and descendants of colonizers, take strong and consistent action to learn and work towards decolonization; towards respecting and honouring Turtle Island and its inhabitants. This guide was created to gather and easily provide access to some McMaster University's resources, as well as other local and global openly accessibly resources, that can help to guide our actions towards reconciliation with First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples, and reparations with Black folks and Persons of Colour. 


This guide features anti-racist materials that are accessible through McMaster University Library, or are openly available on the internet. We are committed to purchasing more anti-racist materials, and are aware that the list of resources enclosed within the guide are non-exhaustive. Unfortunately, many of the titles we sought to add to our collection as we compiled this guide were unavailable in e-book format, and at present our print book collection purchasing has been curtailed due to COVID-19. Once the library reopens are we are able to process print books to add to our collection, we are committed to continue growing our collection to better represent the diverse landscape of anti-racism resources. To this end, we welcome, and are grateful for, any and all feedback and recommendations.

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