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How Do I Subscribe to Alerts & RSS Feeds

Alerts & RSS Feeds

Many journals and article databases provide alerts and RSS feeds for new content. You can subscribe to alerts to receive emails when new content is posted. RSS feeds are web-based alerts that you subscribe to in your RSS reader.

Journal Tables of Contents

  1. Start by locating the web page for the journal you would like to subscribe to (a quick Google search usually works well).
  2. Find the "subscribe", "alerts" or RSS feed for the journal; RSS feeds are usually indicated by this icon RSS icon.
  3. Subscribe to the tables-of-contents using either the email alert option or the RSS feed option.

Search Alerts & Feeds

Many article databases provide alerts and feeds for specific searches. Once again, locate the "subscribe", "alerts" or RSS feed link or icon RSS icon to locate the option and subscribe either via email or RSS feed.

Library RSS Feeds

Library Catalogue

You can save the results of any Library Catalogue search and be updated via RSS when the library receives new materials that match your search. RSS feeds are particularly useful for Catalogue searches that you do frequently. Simply perform the search as normal, then right-click on the feed URL button button, select "Copy Shortcut" (or "Copy Link Location"), and paste the URL into your RSS reader. Depending on your browser, you might also be able to click the feed URL button button to subscribe to the feed directly in the RSS reader of your choice (this worked when using Firefox and Google Reader during our tests).

Library News

Subscribe to the Library News feed to be notified of news about library resources, services and events. You can also subscribe to our Twitter stream via RSS.

Library Website

There are several library webpages that provide RSS feeds. For example, every subject area in Databases has an RSS feed you can subscribe to be notified when we add new databases to that subject area. Start by going to Databases and selecting your subject area from the drop-down menu. On the results page, scroll to the bottom of the page and right-click the RSS feed icon feed URL button. You can then paste that feed into your RSS reader, where you will receive updates on new databases for that subject.

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