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About Maud the Library Mascot

Maud the Library Mascot made her debut in Fall 2020 on the Library's social media accounts on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Advertising various Library events, services and announcements, Maud has quickly become "the face of the Library".

Maud the Library Mascot wearing an "I love Mac Library" t-shirt and backpack, holding a laptop.Maud the Library Mascot wearing a Library Staff t-shirt holding up her arm in a bit of a wave.

Based on the #FlatMac design of Maud the Marauder released previously by McMaster University, the Library's version of Maud has very quickly taken on a personality of her own, being seen with various props, in various locations, and sometimes even wearing a variety of different clothing (although the "I <3 Mac Library!" and "Library Staff" t-shirts are the most commonly seen versions).

Maud the Library Mascot in Chinese attire carrying a red and gold lantern.Maud wearing a "Thode Makerspace Staff" t-shirt and goggles, holding a pair of pliers.Maud the Library Mascot wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers. A small teddy bear sticks out of her pocket.

More recently, Maud has teamed up with the University of Waterloo Library's mascot, Scholar, on Instagram as one half of the Birds of Encouragement campaign.

Maud and Scholar eating spaghetti from the same plate, like the scene in Lady and the Tramp.

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