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INDIGENOUS STUDIES 3H03 - Indigenous Medicine I - Philosophy

Why Use Books?

Books are a great resource to use when searching for general information on a topic. They are useful for understanding a topic in its context and provide summaries of existing research as well as offer a historical perspective.

In regards to a topic such as Indigenous Medicine it is worth noting that the books offer an outsider perspective on Aboriginal concepts of health and wellness.

Books are best located using the Search feature in our Library Catalogue. 

Library Catalogue

Scholarly books are a great resource - watch this video to learn how to recognize one. (2:29)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

This video explains how to enter keywords into the catalogue to find books on a particular topic. (1:13)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

This video shows you how to search by book title using the library catalogue. (0:47)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

Relevant Call Numbers

The Health Science Library on campus has books organized according to the National Library of Medicine. When looking for books in Indigenous Medicine it is a good idea to start with Class W- Medicine and Related Subjects

Subclasses that may be of interest to you include:

WB 1-117 Reference works. General works

WB 880-962 Complementary & alternative therapies

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