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A Guide to LinkedIn Learning

Helpful Features for Faculty

LinkedIn Learning allows staff to undertake professional development at their own pace and skill level, or supplement their teaching practices through collections and exercises that can be assigned to students.

The possibilities include:

  • Help your students improve essential software skills, like Excel
  • Provide a playlist to students on presentation skills ahead of a class presentation
  • Use the videos to help you redesign a unit with a Flipped Classroom approach
  • Develop your own leadership or project management skills


  • How can I use LinkedIn Learning in my classes? 
    LinkedIn Learning is a great way to supplement your course content and help your students improve their skills. You can share individual courses, or create collections of courses and videos. LinkedIn Learning has seamless compatibility with Avenue to Learn.
  • How can LinkedIn Learning courses help my students? 
    LinkedIn Learning is a useful complement to academic course content because students access it online on their own schedule. It can help students develop in several areas, including the following:
    • Skills for their studies, such as time management and Microsoft Office
    • Software or coding for class assignments 
    • Skills to prepare for their career, including interviewing, networking, and preparing for a new job.
  • How can LinkedIn Learning courses help me?
    It’s not just students who can benefit from LinkedIn Learning. Faculty and staff can keep up to date on new technology. LinkedIn learning also has courses for professional development, including topics such as leadership, project management, and workplace culture. 
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