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A Guide to Discovery & Catalogue

A guide to McMaster's Discovery & Library Catalogue search (Now Discontinued).


Catalogue results (within Discovery, Catalogue or Classic Catalogue) should be accessible at McMaster libraries in some format (print, online, microform, etc.). 

Discovery results (i.e., Articles & More content) may not always be available at McMaster libraries.  If an item is not held at McMaster libraries, it can be requested via interlibrary loan using a system called RACER.

Physical Items

Physical materials held in the libraries will display a location and a call number where the item is located. Retrieve the item from the shelf on your own, or if the material is request-able, a Request it button will display. Click this button to place a hold on the item. You will be notified by email  when the item is ready for pick-up. 

Find and Request Library Items

Online Items

Online Items

View full text by clicking on the PDFFull Text, or Get it @ Mac buttons that appear in the record. 

Full-text options

If there is no PDF or Full Text button, try clicking the title of the item in your results list. This will bring you to a more complete description of the item. Links should appear on the left. You may need to use the Get it @ Mac button to see if full-text is available. NOTE:  Items that appear in Discovery are not always available in full-text at McMaster. Your options for acquiring the full-text are described below.   

No Full Text

  1. If there are no PDF or Full Text buttons displayed (as in the example above), select the Get it @ Mac button.
  2. If the Get it @ Mac menu includes links to the full-text onlineGet It @ Mac! Online Link to Full-Text, select one (or more) of the links listed  to view the full-text. NOTE: Online links are absent in the above example.
  3. If the Get it @ Mac menu does not include links for full-text online, select Get It @ Mac - Link to Possible Full-Text in Print Check for a print copy. This option will automatically search for the Source (e.g., European Intellectual Property Review) in our library catalogue. If the source title appears in the results, take note of the library, location, call number and holdings. Locate the source on the shelf and use the citation details of the item (i.e., date, volume, issue, page, etc.) to find the full-text in print. NOTE: If present in the full catalogue record, select the scan button to get a scanned version of the printed item via email. 
  4. If the full-text is not held at McMaster in any format (as in the example above), the item can be requested via interlibrary loan using a system called RACER. On the Get it @ Mac menu, select Request document on Interlibrary Loan via RACER and complete the form. 
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