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Library Catalogues

A Guide to Omni - for more information, check out this guide

Omni is a multi-disciplinary academic search tool that offers enhanced discovery and delivery of information resources at McMaster, our Omni partner institutions, and beyond.

The new catalogue links you to 18 Ontario academic library collections which expands your access to resources, both in print and electronic. 

How you search for resources hasn't changed, but knowing and using the new features will impact and hopefully improve your practice. 

Once you conduct your search (ie: globalization as a keyword) you can limit the results in a number of ways: 

  • All collections or just McMaster
  • Print or electronic options
  • Resource type
  • Location (Mills, Thode, Health Sciences, or other Libraries
  • Subject 
  • Date
  • Language
  • Recently added, and MORE


WorldCat searches the holdings of over 70,000 libraries worldwide, including McMaster. 

Library Collections

There are 4 campus libraries; Mills, Innis, Thode, Health Sciences.

Areas of interest: (Note: physical access to the collection is closed due to Covid-19).

  • Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, Mills, 1st floor
  • Government Publications, Mills, 2nd floor
  • Lyons New Media Centre, 4th floor
  • Periodicals (print), Mills, 3rd floor
  • Grad Study Room, Mills, 4th floor (L405)

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