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A Guide to the Lyons New Media Centre

The Lyons New Media Centre (LNMC) is a vibrant space for the creation and use of modern and classic media in teaching, learning, and research at McMaster University.

Code of Conduct

All users and visitors to the Lyons New Media Centre (LNMC) are expected to model our core values of respect, honesty, and responsibility.

The LNMC is open to all McMaster students, staff, and faculty. All are welcome, whether utilizing the equipment for media creation, or enjoying the comfortable environment.

Inappropriate behaviours or harassment will not be tolerated. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Harassment also includes sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, verbal or physical threats, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Anyone asked to stop any harassing behaviour is expected to comply immediately.

The LNMC staff, both full time and student assistants, are here to help and to keep the space welcoming. Please respect them at all times.

The Lyons New Media Centre is a multimedia space and focuses on multimedia creation. All computers are equipped with multimedia software that is not available anywhere else on campus. The computers are available for media creation, not for general use or studying, nor are they to be used for watching sports or video.

Always leave the space clean. Pick up after yourself, throw away your garbage, push in your chair. We provide wipes at the desk to clean your work surface, if needed.

Anyone found in violation of any part of the Code of Conduct is expected to comply immediately when asked. Repeated violations are grounds for banishment from the LNMC and possible University disciplinary action.

Policies: Audio Recording Booth


  • The booth must be booked prior to use. You will receive a confirmation email once the booking has been processed. Go to the library booking website to book the room.
  • A valid McMaster ID card must be presented in order to check out the booth and equipment.
  • The booth is only to be used for recording. Post production work is to be done on the main computers.
  • You are expected to bring your own external media to save your files.
  • Food or drink is NOT permitted in the booth.
  • Please do not bring any extra chairs in to the booth. Report any issues with the equipment immediately to the Help Desk.
  • Make sure to check back in at the Help Desk when you are finished. Failure to do so will result in overdue fines.

The recording booth is not fully accessible. For an accessible recording space, please book edit suite (L415).


  • A maximum booking of 2 hours per day. If you need longer time, please contact the Manager ( to extend your booking.
  • Bookings finish 30 minutes before the Centre closes.
  • The booth can comfortably fit 2 people. For larger groups, there is a seating area outside the booth so you can take turns in the booth or you can book one of the edit suites (L415-L416).

Helpful Hints

  • For audio recording, prepare and rehearse your script ahead of time.

Policies: Camera Equipment


  • Camera equipment must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. Last minute booking requests may not be possible.
    • If you need equipment for Monday morning, submit a booking request by the previous Friday morning, as booking requests are not reviewed on weekends.
  • Bookings are limited to one (1) camera, one (1) lavalier mic, and one (1) tripod at a time per person/per group.
    • If you need additional equipment, this must be discussed with the manager prior to making the booking. Bookings are 24 hours or less. Check your confirmation email for full details. Equipment is not booked unless you receive a confirmation email. Need to cancel your booking? Drop us an email to let us know.

Borrowing Policies

  • Only the person(s) listed in the booking may check out the equipment at the time of the booking. An additional person may be added to the booking if you provide their name and email address at the time of the booking request.
  • The cameras come with one SD card. Lyons does not provide additional or larger SD cards. The responsibility is on the borrower to provide additional storage if needed.
    • Another option is to film at a lower quality to be able to fit more on the SD card.
  • Report any broken equipment immediately to the Manager.

Returning Equipment

  • Anyone can return the equipment, as we do not need to see ID with returns.
  • All equipment must be checked out and returned to the Lyons Service Desk. Do not return it to the main desk on the first floor of Mills.
  • Be prompt in returning equipment.
  • Recharge the camera before returning it.
  • Remember to grab your files and remove them from the camera's SD card.
    • Do this before returning the camera. We cannot check the camera back in until the SD card has been returned to the camera.
  • Camera equipment cannot be removed from your account if returned with missing components. Ensure all pieces are present in the carrying case before returning equipment.

Policies: Edit Suites


  • Maximum capacity per edit suite: 4 people
  • The Edit Suites should be used for media creation/editing/recording or using the audio-visual equipment only.
    • Meetings and study sessions are not permitted in these rooms.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the Edit Studios.
  • Users are expected to bring their own external media with them to save their files at the end of their bookings. Lyons does not provide these external media devices, nor are we responsible for lost or corrupted files.
  • Do not unplug anything in these rooms.
  • For help using the listening/viewing station in Edit Suite L416, please refer to the manual left in the room or ask for assistance at the Lyons Services Desk.
  • Do not use the computers in these rooms for anything other than media creation/editing.


  • The Edit Studios (L415, L416) may only be booked for 2 hours per day per group.
  • These rooms need keys, which can be checked out at the time of the booking at the Lyons Services Desk.
  • Any additional equipment borrowed must be returned to the Lyons Services Desk promptly along with keys, at the end of the booking.

Late Fees

  • There will be replacement fees for lost/damaged keys and/or equipment.
  • There are also fines for returning keys & equipment late. (Equals $5/hour or part hour overdue.)
  • Rooms may only be used for the booked time, so be sure to lock up and check back with the desk staff promptly at the end of the booking.

Policies: Gaming

Console Gaming Room

  • Maximum capacity: 4 people
  • This room is not soundproofed so be mindful of volume levels.
  • Bookings are limited to two hours per group per day.
  • Food/drink is not permitted in this room.
  • All persons in the room must be gaming. No spectators permitted.
    • All persons gaming in the room must sign out their own controller (and therefore must have their own McMaster ID card with them).
    • No external visitors permitted in gaming room without permission from the manager.
    • As this is an academic space, only games owned by Lyons are permitted for play.

PC Gaming Stations

  • Maximum capacity: 1 person per computer
  • This room is not soundproofed & the audio recording booth is in the same area, so chatter must be in whispers only.
  • Bookings are limited to two hours per day.
  • Food/drink is not permitted at the gaming stations.
  • All persons in this area must be gaming. No spectators permitted.
    • All persons gaming in the room must sign out their own computer (and therefore must have their own McMaster ID card with them).
    • No external visitors permitted in gaming room without permission from the manager.
    • As this is an academic space, only games owned by Lyons are permitted for play.

Policies: Media Production Studio

  • The room will not be unlocked until the person who booked the room has arrived.
  • Lights may be turned off for green screen/filming/photography purposes, but the additional "emergency lights" cannot be legally blocked or blacked out.
  • Planning and editing for film/photography shoots should be done before and after the media production studio booking.
  • At the end of every booking, the room should be tidied up and equipment returned to their cases by those who booked the room.
    • Staff will check equipment and place it back in the locked drawers once this is done. It is not the staff's responsibility to tidy up the room and equipment after a booking.
  • This room is not soundproofed so be mindful of volume levels.
  • Begin packing up and resetting the room 5-10 minutes before the end of your booking. Be prompt in leaving, but also remember to check back in at the Lyons Services Desk to avoid fines.
  • This room cannot be booked for meetings or study sessions.
  • Food/drink is not permitted in this room.
  • Bookings are limited to two hours per group per day.
    • If you wish to have a longer time in the room, please contact the manager for an extension. Be aware that such requests may not always be granted, depending upon the time of year and booking demands on the room.
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