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A Guide to the Lyons New Media Centre

The Lyons New Media Centre (LNMC) is a vibrant space for the creation and use of modern and classic media in teaching, learning, and research at McMaster University.

Gaming Areas


All console games, controllers and syncing cables are housed at the Lyons Help Desk.

Console Gaming - Upon arrival for your booking, choose a game from the game shelves and check it and the accompanying equipment out at the Desk with your valid McMaster ID card.

PC Gaming - Upon arrival for your booking, let the employee know which PC gaming station you booked and present your valid McMaster ID card. YOu will be given the corresponding USB key for the PC.

Remember to check back in at the Help Desk when you are finished gaming so all items can be taken off your account.

Console Gaming Station

The console gaming room houses five different gaming systems:

  • Wii
  • XBox 360
  • XBox One
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4

Games, controllers and the room key for L418 can be checked out at the Lyons Help Desk once the station is booked. The console station can be booked online.

PC Gaming Stations

The PC Gaming Stations can be booked online and have had many Steam games installed, as well as a few non-Steam games.

Besides games, the following software is also available on each PC:

  • OBS Studio: Screen capturing software specific for gaming.
  • Discord: Gamer's chat system (similar to Slack).
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