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A Guide to the Lyons New Media Centre

The Lyons New Media Centre (LNMC) is a vibrant space for the creation and use of modern and classic media in teaching, learning, and research at McMaster University.

Main Room (L411)

The main room of Lyons New Media Centre (L411) has the following to offer:

12 high-end media editing computers w/specialized software video wall for showcasing student art/photography (submit your artwork/photography online)

4 high tables with bar style high chairs & 2 low tables with chairs laptop bar by the windows soft seating at the 'fireplace' and throughout the space 2 booths for group work

Lyons Services Desk microphones, headphones, 3D printing, and all bookable rooms/equipment borrowed from here basic assistance with multimedia hurdles

Media Production Studio (L413)

This room is available for green screen, photography and filming. You can book the Media Production Studio online.

Available equipment with room (specify equipment needed in booking request):

  • Green and black drapery for video and photography backgrounds
  • White wall can be used for a white background
  • Camera equipment (Canon DSLR, video camera, Nikon SLR camera w/60mm fixed lens, tripod, attachable RODE microphone, wireless RODE lapel microphones)
  • Studio lighting both LED lights and flash photography lights
  • Light box (with 4 different coloured backdrops)
  • Moveable furniture (limited to what’s housed in the room)
  • Portable monitor for script display Computer to search help guides, tutorials, etc

Audio Recording Booth/PC Gaming/Zen Zone (in L414)


Audio Recording Booth

The Audio Recording Booth can be booked online and is nestled on the right side of L414.

Our Audio Recording Booth is a great space for recording your audio work. Whether you are recording a podcast for a class; doing a voice over for a video; or recording a demo for your next big hit, the recording booth is available for you to use. You must be a current McMaster student or staff member, with valid Mac ID to use the booth.

Available for use in the booth:

  • Computer equipped with Audacity and Adobe Audition software
  • Yeti microphone (available at the Lyons Services Desk along with pop filter)
  • Adjustable microphone arm
  • 2 chairs
  • Music stand with light for script/music
  • Headphones (available at the Lyons Services Desk)

PC Gaming Stations

Two PC gaming stations can be found on the left side as you enter L414. The PC Gaming Stations can be booked online. Upon arrival for your booking, let staff at the Lyons Services Desk know which PC gaming station you booked and present your valid McMaster ID card. You will be given the corresponding USB key for the PC. Remember to check back in at the Lyons Services Desk when you are finished gaming so all items can be taken off your account.

Both gaming stations have numerous Steam games installed, as well as a few non-Steam games.

Besides games, the following software is also available on each PC:

  • OBS Studio: Screen capturing software specific for gaming.
  • Discord: Gamer's chat system (similar to Slack).

PC gaming can be booked for a maximum of 2 hours per day. Check out our polices (listed on the main page) for more gaming usage rules. View the PC Game List in PDF format or Word format.

Zen Zone

Located at the back end of L414 on the left, the Zen Zone is the perfect area for relaxation and de-stressing. This area is designated as a quiet zone, therefore conversations should be kept to a minimum and a whisper. This area is not meant as a study space.

Items located in the Zen Zone for your use:

  • Knitting & crotchet kits (wool and various needles)
  • Puzzles
  • Colouring sheets and pencil crayons
  • Word search puzzles
  • Cards and quiet games
  • Magazines
  • Origami sheets

Feel free to come in and unwind. All items are available for your use.

Edit Suites (L415 & L416)

The two Edit Studios are equipped with media editing computers and a variety of audio-visual equipment and can be booked online.

Available equipment in Edit Studio L415:

  • Media editing computer (see software list)
  • Portable sound booth
  • Blu-ray player & TV

Available equipment in Edit Studio L416:

  • Media editing computer (see software list)
  • Audio/video listing/viewing station including: DVD player, VHS player, record player, cassette deck, large screen TV

Also available (at the Lyons Services Desk):

  • USB condenser microphones
  • Headphones

Console Gaming Room (L418)

The Console Gaming Room (L418) is the "fishbowl" room near the Lyons entrance. Like the Edit Suites, console gaming can be booked online. Upon arrival for your booking, choose a game from the game shelves and check it and the accompanying equipment out at the Lyons Services Desk with your valid McMaster ID card. The room has maximum capacity of 4 people.

Available in the room:

  • a monitor affixed to the wall
  • gaming consoles (PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One & Wii)

Check out our Gaming Policies (listed on the main page) for the usage rules.

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