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CMST 1AO3 - Winter 2020

Evaluate Your Research Question

When deciding your research question think about:

  • What type of information do I need to answer this question?
  • What sources have the information that I am looking for?
  • Where can I find these source and can I access them?

A Quick Guide to Developing a Research Question

1. Pick a topic

⇒     ⇒     ⇒     ⇒

        2. Narrow the topic

        ⇒     ⇒     ⇒     ⇒

                3. List some questions

                 ⇒     ⇒     ⇒     ⇒

                        4. Pick a question

                         ⇒     ⇒     ⇒     ⇒

                                 5. Focus the question



Research as Inquiry

When choosing a research question consider:

  • Are you interested?
  • Is it relevant?
  • Is it important?


Gather background research on a topic of your choice.

Frame it: 

  • What is the discussion on your topic?
  • What do you already know?
  • What needs to be explored further?


  • Is the question too broad or narrow?
  • Can it be answered?


Choose an Essay Topic

Choosing Keywords

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