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How Do I Find McMaster Business Theses?

Titles and links to full-text copies of all Business Administration PhD theses completed at McMaster University.

Management Science [39]

Year Author Thesis Title
2018 Chu, Jie open accessRobust inventory management under supply and demand uncertainties
Hosseini, Seyed Davod
open accessAnalytical approaches to risk assessment and management for railroad transportation of hazardous materials
2018 Vaezi, Ali open accessRisk mitigation and management strategies for routing hazardous materials over railroad network in Canada
2017 Yao, Sophia (Liufang) open accessThree essays on product recall decision optimization
2016 Tajbakhsh, Alireza open accessSustainability in supply chains: models and metrics
2016 Golmohammadi, Amirmohsen  open accessModels for managing supply and demand uncertainties in supply chains 
2015 Guo, Hangfei open accessOptimal ordering decision and incentives for yield improvement under random demand
2015 Taghavi, Majid open accessMulti-stage stochastic capacity expansion: models and algorithms
2014 Bakhtiari, Behrouz  open accessGame theoretical models of competition in time-sensitive markets
2014 Mahaboob, Mohamed  open accessStochastic inventory models for dual channel retailers
2013 Qian, Jianbo open accessLearning effect, time-dependent processing time and bicriteria scheduling problems in a supply chain
2012 Wu, Sandy (Huyu) open accessContributions to reverse logistics with game theoretic applications
2010 Zhang, Rui open accessSupply chain scheduling with delivery costs 
2009 Cakir, Ozan open accessFormulations and exact solution methods for a class of continous covering problems
2009 Surti, Chirag open accessPricing and inventory models for a retailer
2008 Gajpal, Yuvraj open accessAlgorithms for vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery
2007 Song, Jingpu open accessGame theoretic revenue management models for hotel room inventory control
2006 Selvarajah, Esaignani open accessBatch scheduling in supply chains
2005 Leng, Mingming open accessCompetition and cooperation in supply chains: game-theoretic models
2004 Xue, Zhihui open accessShop scheduling in manufacturing systems: algorithms and complexity
2004 Younies, Hassan Zeidan open accessPlanar maximal covering location problem under different block norms
2001 Denton, Brian T. open accessStochastic optimization models for service and manufacturing industry
1999 Stephenson, Paul A. open accessNew dominance orders for scheduling problems
1999 Üster, Halit open accessWeighted sum of order p and minisum location models
1997 Sparling, David Hamilton open accessTopics in u-line balancing
1997 Yesilkokcen, Gulcan Naile open accessSupply connected location-allocation problem
1996 Cetinkaya, Sila open accessMyopic policies for inventory control
1996 Günalay, Yavuz open accessState dependent server scheduling rules in polling systems
1995 Chen, Jiang open accessLot streaming schedules in flow shops
1994 Steiner, Stefan Hans open accessQuality control and improvement based on grouped data
1992 Cho, Danny I. open accessAnalyses of optimal policies for dynamic inventory and maintenance systems
1992 Yeomans, Julian Scott open accessOptimal level schedules for mixed-model, Just-in-Time assembly systems
1991 Banks, William James open accessNew solution algorithms for the classification problem
1991 Walker, John Hugh open accessAn empirical study of round and block norms for modelling actual distances
1991 Wang, Qinan open accessGame theory models and their applications in some inventory control and new product management problems
1989 Brimberg, Jack open accessProperties of distance functions and minisum location models 
1988 Buchanan, David John open accessInteractive computer graphical approaches to some maximin and minimax location problems
1985 Dowling, Paul Douglas open accessBounding methods for facilities location problems 
1984 Kumar, Kuldeep open accessParticipant values in systems development
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