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How Do I Find Market Share?

Guide to market share sources.

Market Share Search Tips

When searching for market share information, consider the following ...

  • do a simple keyword search in a source by typing the name of your company, brand, product, service or industry with the word "market share"; examples:
    • "canadian tire" and "market share" 
    • iPad and "market share"
    • beer and "market share"
    • telecommunications and "market share"
    • mining and "market share"
  • try using search words that have a similar meaning to market share; examples:
    • restaurants and "brand share"
    • top automobile manufacturers
    • "key players" and "sporting goods"
  • if looking for market share for a specific country or region, make sure to include the name of that country or region in your search; example:
    • wine and "market share" and canada